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Our Membership Brochure


Jamie Bergen and Toby FerrelJamie Bergen and Toby Ferrel


Sam Black, Jennifer Frost, Enita Kushi, and Jessica Macera

Sam Black, Jennifer Frost, Enita Kushi, and Jessica Macera




Local chapter dues: $75.00 annual membership and covers you for our fiscal year of August 1- July 31.

Contact Belinda Zivich for a Local Application
belindazivich [at] gmail [dot] com 
  • Professional Development Programming at Monthly Meetings
  • Networking opportunities among a warm group of supportive women
  • Featured Business of the Month – bio and business published on website with link back
  • Featured Power Tip of the Month – article on your area of business expertise published on website with attribution
  • Advertise in the Neapolitan Newsletter
  • Member Promotion Table
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Local Media Spotlight through Press Release Submissions
  • Source of Business Referrals
  • ABWA Regional and Conference Reimbursements
  • ABWA Regional Event Discounts
  • Individual Recognition: (Woman of the Year, Protégé Award, Top Ten Business Woman)

ABWA National Member Benefits 

National chapter dues: $115  click here to join online

  • Subscription to ABWA’s award-winning Women in Business magazine
  • Professional Development Conferences
  • Networking Opportunities with Business Women Nationwide
  • National Level Leadership Positions
  • Community Connections
  • ABWA-KU MBA Essentials Courses
  • Tuition Skills Reimbursement for Career Enhancement and Grants for Educational Advancement
  • National Recognition Programs (Inner Circle and Top Ten Business Woman)
  • Apex Programs-  Online Community & Resources Portal
Belinda Zivich, Marianne Kureth, and Leah Pogel

Belinda Zivich, Marianne Kureth, and Leah Pogel

Sandy Waite, Jessica Macera and Jill Dixon

Sandy Waite, Jessica Macera and Jill Dixon











Two Types of Membership

  1. National Level member-at-large. This membership is not tied to a local chapter and does not receive local chapter benefits. Cost of the membership is $115/year.
  2. National and Local Member. In order to be a local member of any ABWA Chapter or Express Network, you must be a National Member as well. The Neapolitan Chapter is a Basic National Membership Chapter. Cost of Membership is $115/year for National and $60/Year for Local ABWA Neapolitan Chapter Membership paid separately. You will receive both local and national membership benefits with this membership.

Ready to join?

Email Ms. Belinda Zivich at ABWANaples [at] gmail [dot] com and she’ll walk you through the process or feel free to fill out our contact form and we will get back with you shortly.




Need more info?  Click here to see our membership brochure.