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April 27, 2021

Zoom Meeting

Turn Frustrating People Experiences

Into Positive Relationships

Presented by Tracey L. Pirozzi

6:00 to 7:30 pm Meeting

(Log-in early from 5:30 – 6 to catch-up during “meet and greet”…bring your glass of wine or other favorite beverage!)

Program Description:

You get along great with most people, but there are those few that irritate you and drive you crazy, right? Why is that and how can you improve your experience with them?
Tracey L. Pirozzi, CEO, Founder and Lead Facilitator of Pirozzi Organization Development Solutions, will guide us on an interactive journey of understanding our own preferences, so we can learn how to build positive, productive relationships and communicate effectively with others who may not think or do things the way we do. You will leave this workshop with the tools to be a better listener and to understand and appreciate your own and others’ preferences for building better people connections.
About Tracey L. Pirozzi

Tracey L. Pirozzi possesses nearly three decades of Human Resources experience supporting and improving company culture by creating and executing strategic organization development plans. She is an excellent communicator with an innate ability to establish credibility through active listening and authoritative leadership. Ms. Pirozzi is known for her team building expertise within diverse organizations.  She has been accredited with developing high performance teams that before, did not exist.  These team members began to seek each other out when issues arose, which empowered them to problem solve, connect, communicate and coordinate effectively, as well as become aware of their own and other’s needs.

A results-oriented trainer, Tracey possesses a demonstrated ability to construct and deliver quality training programs that meet organizational needs.  Organization Development core competencies include Leadership Counseling, Executive Coaching, Team Building, Behavior Modification, Issue Identification and Resolution, Change Management, Process Improvement, Mentoring Programs and Succession Planning.

Tracey’s proudest professional accomplishment is an e-Mentoring partnership with a mentee in China. Strategy and innovative thinking was key to this relationship, due to the obvious distance involved.  This partnership was so successful, her mentee went from an assistant in one organization, to becoming a department head in a new, entrepreneurial firm.

Tracey has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and holds the following certifications:  Team Management Systems (TMS), Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Society for Human Resource Management – Certified Professional (SHRM-CP).

Remember – We will still use Eventbrite to capture your registration for the meeting and ensure meeting security.   All registered on Eventbrite will be sent the Zoom meeting sign-on email at 12:30 on Tuesday 4/27 with the link to our meeting AND a Password which you will need for security.  Using a desktop, tablet or laptop is the best experience for a Zoom meeting, but you can use an iPhone if that’s the only way you can join that night. Between now and then, please download the Zoom app from the App Store (it’s Zoom iCloud meetings – a Blue box with a white video icon) onto the device you will be using, the app is FREE.

* ABWA Member $10 Reserve through our automated system.
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Reservation Deadline Tuesday April 27at 1pm. The reservation system on Eventbrite will close at 1pm. RESERVE NOW PLEASE

If you run into any problems with the reservation system or have questions, please contact Dulce Gonell at 239-776-2146 at reservations.