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January 26, 2021

Zoom Meeting

Successfully Navigate Your Journey

Presented by Susan Ryan

                                                                                           6:00 to 7:30 pm Meeting

(Log-in early from 5:30 – 6 to catch-up during “meet and greet”…bring your glass of wine or other favorite beverage!)

Program Description:

Sue will provide us with the steps to successfully navigate transitions in all areas of our lives so we’re prepared for what’s next, embrace our journey, and achieve what we really want. We’re always in transition in one or more areas of our lives so whether it’s considering a new leadership role as a volunteer – or in our career, considering starting a family, or stepping outside our comfort zones to have those difficult conversations we’d prefer to avoid, knowing what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and why we do it, leads to our most satisfying results.


Sue Ryan teaches individuals to achieve their commitment to unprecedented success and satisfaction in their lives. Through partnership with more than 700 clients, in a multitude of industries, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 C-Suite leaders, results include hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue gains and operational efficiency improvements, while sales and operational teams consistently deliver results-driven and record-breaking performance. Individuals learn to feel great about themselves, satisfied with their success, and fulfilled through the positive impact of their contributions.

As a dynamic communicator, platinum-elite leadership coach, educator, and two-time international best-selling author, Sue inspires and teaches you to become your uniquely greatest leading yourself and others.

Sue is unquenchably curious about life and learning. Her love of horses led her to show them around the world for more than twenty years. Some of her favorite experiences include becoming a black-belt in karate, surfing off Ho’okipa Beach in Maui, Hawaii (her attempt at windsurfing there nearly became the last experience of her life), and cliff jumping in Jamaica. A life-long baseball fan, Sue achieved her goal of visiting every baseball park in the United States. Her greatest joy is being the world’s luckiest Nana to 5 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

Remember – We will still use Eventbrite to capture your registration for the meeting and ensure meeting security.   All registered on Eventbrite will be sent the Zoom meeting sign-on email at 12:30 on Tuesday 1/26 with the link to our meeting AND a Password which you will need for security.  Using a desktop, tablet or laptop is the best experience for a Zoom meeting, but you can use an iPhone if that’s the only way you can join that night. Between now and then, please download the Zoom app from the App Store (it’s Zoom iCloud meetings – a Blue box with a white video icon) onto the device you will be using, the app is FREE.

* ABWA Member $10 Reserve through our automated system.
* ABWA Guest $10 Reserve through our automated system.

Reservation Deadline Tuesday January 26 at noon. The reservation system on Eventbrite will close at noon. RESERVE NOW PLEASE

If you run into any problems with the reservation system or have questions, please contact Dulce Gonell our Hospitality Chair at 239-776-2146 </span  “>djgonell [at] gmail [dot] com .